Join a Mastermind


Mastermind groups run at The Space are specifically for entrepreneurs that are looking to grow personally and professionally, are willing to share with transparency and candor, and are open to feedback and advice.

These are small (5-7 people), carefully curated groups of business owners with the right combination of similarities and differences. Groups are created based on similarities in business size, ambition, commitment level, and desire for growth. Only one industry is represented per group.

Groups meet for 6 months. Meetings are once per week for the first two months, and then every other week following those first two months. Meetings are in person at The Space Community Workplace in Montgomery and last approximately 1.5 hours. Each group has a facilitator to keep a timely schedule and flow for the meeting, allowing each person an opportunity to share a quick update, wins, and goals, and also leave time for the group to focus on specific needs of 1 or 2 members. Throughout the 6 months, several assessment techniques, books and strategies will be introduced to not only help provide a better understanding of yourself, but also as a way of getting to know one another better.

Running a business is hard and everyone could use support. Joining a mastermind group fills all the missing gaps that most business owners struggle filling ; accountability, honest feedback, personal growth, group coaching and support.

To find out more information and fill out an application, head over to or reach out to Rachel: