Faces of The Space

Hi! We’re Rachel & Claire, co-founders of The Space Community Workplace. After meeting through a Mastermind group, we realized that we have quite a bit in common.

We are small-business owners. We are creatives. We are mothers. We are networkers. We get that being your own boss can be amazing, but it can also be lonely. We understand that having a flexible work situation has enormous perks and major pitfalls. We know that some days, you just need to plug in and knock work out, and other days, you need to talk through ideas and strategies with other people who understand. 

But the most important thing we shared was our desire to design a work space that was different than any other venue in town. With that in mind, we opened The Space Community Workplace in 2017. We’ve been hosting great events and drinking tea together ever since.


Rachel Murphy

Things to know about Rachel:

  • She is the owner and lead producer at Rachel Lynn Studio , focusing on event production and group facilitation.

  • She enjoys intimate dinners more than huge parties, authenticity more than perfection, the metaphysical more than the physical, wine and coffee more than all other beverages.

  • She is a Type 2 (Enneagram); a Maximizer (Strengths Finder); ENFP-A (MyersBriggs); a Capricorn.

  • She is a mom to Malachai and Aurora; dog mom to Dublin; partner to Jack.

At The Space, you can find Rachel creating all of the artwork (including the faux living wall and paper installation), properly setting up lighting for our videos, and ensuring we have only the best coffee, wine, and cheese available.


claire krawsczyn

Things to know about Claire:

  • She is the owner and managing director of Verano Marketing + Communications and serves clients across the country.

  • She enjoys ice cream more than cake, wine more than beer, reading more than watching, and early mornings more than late nights.

  • She is a Type 3 (Enneagram); an achiever (StrengthsFinder); an ESFJ (MyersBriggs); a Taurus.

  • She is a mom to Annie Jean (AJ); dog mom to Avon Barksdale; partner to Adam.

At The Space, you can find Claire working on our marketing campaigns, hosting clients, creating The Space’s website, and helping Rachel turn brilliant ideas into practical efforts.